Big Graphic Design Trends for 2021

What will be the hottest design trends of 2021? Ranging from natural to nostalgic, here are the styles we’re predicting for the year ahead.

What's Trending in Graphic Design?

Influenced by the increased focus on sustainability and environmentalism throughout 2020, the organic design trend has shown no signs of slowing down. It's deeply rooted in our connection with the world around us, and is all about using natural, tactile elements – such as organic textures, natural shapes, botanicals and neutral colors – to evoke the feeling, sight, and sounds of nature.


Is this obvious to you? Excellent. So your site or product looks attractive. en Minimalism is an irreplaceable trend of the last few years. Designers strive to sweep more and more elements and leave maximum “white space”.

You must follow minimalism in graphic design. Even if you do not like this direction. Reason: minimalism has become popular in everything from websites and gadgets to banner ads and clothing.

Minimalism has penetrated so much into all areas that a person is automatically takes better sites with a similar graphic design. Therefore, your motto for 2021 is – “We are minimalistic”.


The second element without which no graphic design lives is color. Last year, its choice very much depended on the scope of the company. Today, these boundaries are a little blurred. In 2021 there will be much more freedom for color matching.

First of all, designers and many brands draw back from bright colors. 2020 was the year of the color "neo mint". Blue and yellow shades were also popular. However, all the palettes came down to pastel colors.

Therefore, the year 2021 will be tied to dimmed colors. What does it mean? No adjustments to brightness and contrast. Black and white will be added to the palette to maximize the appearance of the color.


The designer knows that there are hundreds of shades for each color. Every year this fact is increasingly used to create a more attractive product design. Gradients are a trend in graphic design over the past three years. As polls and expert comments show, so far no one intends to forget this trend.

Why are gradients so popular? Firstly, they provide more space for creativity. Secondly, the user is ambiguous. He loves minimalism, but is inclined to think that they did not try to work on design when he sees just two colors. Thirdly, the gradient creates a sense of movement. This is an analog of motion design, but without animation.

Simple illustrations

When developing a website design, we often use stock images and photographs. If your brand is already several years old, then continue in the same vein. The user is used to this style.

But if you are starting a new project, pay more attention to simple, drawn illustrations. Firstly, you can make more variety. Secondly, you make the user love the product.