Best Facebook Tools

Facebook – The king of social media

Facebook still reigns supreme in the world of social media. With over 2.3 million monthly active users, it is still a major source of traffic and brand engagement for businesses all over the world.

There are tons of different tools out there that are great for leveraging Facebook to the best of its abilities to help your brand. We’ve compiled a list of 25 Facebook tools we think you should consider when looking at Facebook marketing.

Facebook tools for an active, engaged super-audience

There’s no way a single person – or even a team – can get to know their audience, find the content and approaches they love, and understand Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms without a bit of technological help. Besides creating quality Facebook posts, you will need to maximize the value you get from the platform by making use of the best of the many tools that exist for it.

1. HootSuite

For many social users, HootSuite is the last word in content management. This master of content schedulers has been around for years and offers complete control of what, where, and when you post content to your social media accounts. Hootsuite’s main competitor is usually Buffer and the two apps are quite different, although the basic feature – scheduling content to multiple platforms – is the same. Although less streamlined than Buffer, Hootsuite offers more fine-grained control of your accounts and better performance reporting.

2. Buffer

Buffer is an old hand when it comes to Facebook. It first launched in 2010, so it’s seen quite a few things and is more than capable of keeping up with whatever changes Facebook throws at it. Buffer is a content scheduler, allowing you to program Facebook and other content so that it is automatically posted to the relevant platform without you having to push a “publish” button every time.

3. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a link management platform that enables you to shorten, brand, track and organize every link you create from one central dashboard.

The link retargeting feature it offers is a great addition to any Facebook marketing suite of tools, as it can help you to grow out your Facebook retargeting audience countless times faster than traditional methods.

By simply adding your Facebook retargeting pixel to your links, you can add anyone who clicks on those links to your custom audiences — even if they’ve never been to your website.